Airguns with Recomended Pellets

Hi, this is a list compiled by me from the information kindly given to me by the members of the fantastic airgunbbs forum. The intention of this list is for you to be able to narrow down your pellet options however you will still need to test a few types of pellets to identify which sort is best suited to your barrel because even different guns but the same make and model can differ in their pellet preference.

A good, cost effective way of testing many types of pellets is to order a sample pack from pellpax: http://www.pellpax.co.uk/acatalog/Pellpax_SAmple_Packs.html


Air Arms
Prosport: Daystate FT
TX200 Mk2: AA Fields, JSB Exacts 4.52
TX200 Mk3: JSB Exacts 4.52, Crosman premiers, AA Fields 4.41
TX200 HC: Defiant, AA Fields 5.52
Pro-Target: AA Fields 4.51
S400 Classic: Defiant 4.52, AA Fields 4.52, JSB Exact  4.52, Logun Penetrator, Mozzies 4.52, Bisley LRG 4.52
S410: Webley Mosquitos 4.52, JSB Exact 4.52, AA Fields 4.52, Logun Penetrator, JSB heavies
S410k: AA Fields 4.51, Logun Penetrators, Predator Polymags


Supersport: AA Fields, H&N FTT
Superten: Logun Penetrators, Bisley Magnums 4.51
Lightning XL: AA Fields 4.50, Mosquito
Ultra: Daystate 4.53, JSB 4.53
Hornet: Daystate 4.53, JSB 4.53
Scorpion: Daystate 4.53, JSB 4.53, H&N FTT's
Ultra: Daystate Select 4.53, Logun penetrators, Baracuda Match
Superten BBk: Bisley magnums 4.51, Defiants, Logun Penetrators
XL tactical: AA Fields, Daystate selects


MK3: JSB Exact 4.52, Baracuda Match, AA Fields
Air Wolf  Mk3: Daystate select 4.53
MK4 .177: JSB exacts 4.52
Air Ranger: Daystate 4.52, JSB Exacts 4.52, JSB heavies
X2: JSB Exacts, Daystate select ft,


Prairie PF18: AA Fields 4.52
Lighthunter: AA Fields


Axsor k: Crossman Accupels, Crossman Premiers, AA Fields 4.51
Solo: JSB Exact 4.53


Ft 100: JSB Exact 4.52


MFR:  Accupels, Daystate select 4.53


Xocet : AA Fields


HW77k: AA Fields 4.52
HW35: AA Fields 4.52
Hw100 sporter: Mosquito 4.52, JSB Exact 4.52
HW80: Crosman Premiers
HW100k: JSB Exact 4.52, Bisley Magnum 4.51
HW100: JSB Exact 4.52
HW97k: Mozzie 4.52
HW100k: Mosquito Express, Daystate Select FT 4.53 



Rapid MkI: JSB Exacts, Baracudas
Rapid MkII: H&N FTT,  Bisley Superfield


Air Arms

S200: Mosquitoes, AA Fields 5.52, AA Fields
S410: h&n ftt, AA Fields 5.52
S410k: AA Fiels 5.51
TDR: AA Fields
TX200 MkIII: JSB Exacts, Express


Meteor: accupells, Napier Power Hunters
Scorpion: AA Fields 5.52, H&N FTT, RWS Superdome
Super10 BB k: Crosman Powapels 
Super10 k: Daystate FT's 5.52
XL Tactical: Acupels, LRG's


400: H&N Hollopoint,RWS Hobby
220: Defiant 5.50
Fenix 400: AA Fields


FN12 .22: Accupels


Gamo CFX: AA Fields


Logun S16: JSB Exacts 5.52
Logun Axsor .22: Accupell, H&N FTT


Rapid mkI: H&N FTT
Rapid mkII: JSB Exacts, Daystate FT's, AA Fields
SLR98: JSB Exacts, JSB Express


HW95k: AA Fields 5.52, H&N FTT
77k: RWS Hobby, Dynamic SN2
80: Crossman Accupels, H&N FTT


Raider 10: Weihrauch F+T Special, Defiant 5.50
Raider 22:  AA Fields 5.51, Weihrauch F&T Specials
Longbow SE: AA Fields

.22 (FAC)

Air Arms

S410: Daystate FT, AA Fields, JSB's, Bisley Magnums


Super10: Crosman Powapels, AA Fields 5.52



Superstar .25: H&N FTT

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